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“Not I, nor anyone else can travel that road for you.
You must travel it by yourself. It is not far.
It is within reach.
Perhaps you have been on it since you were born,
and did not know.
Perhaps it is everywhere – on water and land.”

 Walt Whitman

our reach

Our reach

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As any one might imagine, the requirements and demands of the citizenship are greater than the financial resources available to the Municipality and the City Council’s priorities scheme are focused on improving the conditions of economic activities, public safety and health, leaving completely aside the social and cultural aspect. By privileging economic development that is not really achieved either, culture shows a significant lag.

It is clear that the area requires the union of efforts in the different orders of government in the public, social and private sectors, in addition to the urgent participation of NGOs, to direct efforts towards the reconstruction of physical, mental, emotional and health. Environmental of the Municipality.

After a review of the Municipal Development Plan 2019-2021 of the municipality of Huitzilac Morelos, we realized the limited scope of its strategies and conceptions. Practically by art it is understood: crafts and representative groups and local crafts. For gender development, learning a trade and health services.

It´s our association´s initiative to present a proposal for artistic-educational intervention with an ecological approach to facilitate post-pandemic recovery through the development of emotional, physical and psychological capacities. We want to complement the existing programs by focusing on human development and for this we will use the tools of art to put information in transit, achieve visibility and reflection of the community and as a consequence the construction of a collective well-being

Through a non-formal education device, we will strengthen and complement the lifelong learning process of Huitzilac people, covering different ages and social classes, without applying a continuous route structure. The Huichichiqui project consists of different programs that contribute to building life skills, and social, psychological, cultural and ecological development. Programs that contemplate the distribution and delivery of educational content and experiences, through a combination of modalities where learning is considered as a process of social and environmental transformation and close contact and preservation of nature are the transversal axis that links art and education to generate significant changes.

Support lines

Childhood and youth care

To care of children and youth we propose to create a bunko in Tres Marías, that is, a small library for children with the ability to help the recovery of the social fabric and form a community through its activities. A living space that promotes reading to others of other activities aimed at cultural recovery, scientific dissemination, etc.

Female empowerment

We propose different programs particularly focused on the female empowerment of women and girls. They are designed to promote gender equity through their fitness content. Through dance we will promote the interest of the women and girls of the Municipality of Huitzilac in the practice of their rights in conditions of equality with dignity and justice.
To complement the public health and trade learning initiatives that the city council proposes, in addition to dance, we will integrate the trade of pottery, implementing programs that, in parallel with the transmission of the trade, promote reflection on women’s rights, gender equity, female empowerment and youth care generating scenarios for their integral development.

Family protection

Huichichiqui Center will be a space for citizen participation. Theintervention and responsibility of all sectors of the population will be promoted through the execution of programs to generate preventive measures in family protection. Through these strategies for activating citizen participation, it is feasible to consider we will improve citizen security. We will implement methodologies that aim to focus the actions of social prevention of domestic and external violence (crime) in a comprehensive and intensive way. Our instrument to promote social protection and support the actions of the Municipality of Huitzilac will be carried out through education. We will regularly conduct three gender development workshops.

Environmental education

Artistic awareness and promotion of caring for the environment.
We propose the implementation of an environmental education program that uses the tools of art to positively incur the habits of the population by promoting an environmental culture to be an example of sustainable development. Activities will be implemented to help conserve and optimize the regeneration capacity of natural resources.
A hummingbird garden will be created around the bunko to preserve and promote knowledge and care of endemic species. A small nursery will be created with species from the region.


In addition to the website, an application (for mobile) will be designed and implemented to disseminate the activities of the Huichichiqui Center. Participants will have the ability to schedule their activities and in the medium term, whoever visits Huichichiqui will be able to purchase baskets of organic products from the region. Which will promote the production and commercialization of farm products in order to strengthen production chains.
It is proposed to create a small physical and virtual space so that the producers of the area can offer their products to the participants of the activities, especially to the foreign public. People will be able to pre-order baskets with organic products from the region and receive them when they visit the Huichichiqui facilities.

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